Refugees Worldwide

Refugees Worldwide

A project by the Peter-Weiss-Foundation for Art and Politics e.V.


Because of international conflicts and persecution, the number of people affected by expulsion is, tragically, at an all-time high. A drastic increase during the last year [2015] has raised the global amount of people seeking asylum to 65 million. Twelve months earlier the number stood at 59.5 million people.



In Summer 2016, the project “Refugees Worldwide” was founded as part of the International Literature Festival Berlin. “Refugees Worldwide” seeks to collect and convey experiences, impressions and information about different refugee situations, both in a European and non-European context. The central aim of the project is to transform public discourse about migration from a Eurocentric-leaning perspective to a more global perspective. In order to achieve this, 14 authors travelled to crisis points in particular countries to understand more deeply the situation facing refugees and displaced peoples there; following this period of research, the authors wrote up their research into literary travelogues. The project had its first public appearance in Autumn 2016 in the form of an event and discussion during the International Literature Festival Berlin (ilb). Additionally, the travelogues have been published in nationwide and international newspapers as well as in an anthology in German and English.

The project has been funded by the Fondation Jan Michalski and the German Federal Foreign Office.

Refugees Worldwide 2 Titel   Refugees Worldwide 2 - Neue Reportagen

   Ulrich Schreiber (Hrsg.), Eva Philippi (Hrsg.)

   2019 /  256 Seiten

   Buch 14,90 € / E-Book 10,99 €

   ISBN 978-3-8031-2813-3

Link zum Verlag Klaus Wagenbach


Refugees Worldwide at Wagenbach Verlag   Refugees Worldwide - Literarische Reportagen

   Ulrich Schreiber, Luisa Donnerberg

   2017 /  224 pages

   Buch 14,90 € / E-Book 11,99 €

   ISBN 978-3-8031-2783-9

Refugees Worldwide at Ragpicker Press

   The English anthology of the literary reportages was published

   by Ragpicker Press in September 2017.





Travelogues about the following countries have been commissioned as part of the ‘Refugees Worldwide’ Project: Brazil, El Salvador, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Morocco, Nigeria, Syria, South Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine and USA.


Photographs from the following countries were taken as the authors were undertaking their research: Brazil, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine and USA.


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