Portrait Sina Kamala Kaufmann
© Ali Ghandtschi

Guest 2019.


Wann wenn nicht wir*

Ein Extinction Rebellion Handbuch

[Hg. mit Annemarie Botzki und Michael Timmermann]

S. Fischer

Frankfurt am Main, 2019


Helle Materie: Nahphantastische Erzählungen


Berlin, 2019

Sina Kamala Kaufmann [ Germany ]

Sina Kamala Kaufmann

settled in Berlin, where she lives as an author and activist, after studying politics, philosophy, and public law. Parallel to her studies, she began training in dance and subsequently worked in the gaming industry. Her volume of short stories »Helle Materie«  (tr: Light Matter), published in 2019, is dedicated to life in the future in short utopian vignettes. She lives in Berlin.