Portrait András Forgách
©Péter Máté

Guest 2019.




Budapest, 2007


Valami fiatal szélhámos


Budapest, 2015


Akte geschlossen. Meine Mutter, die Spionin

S. Fischer

Frankfurt am Main, 2019

[Ü: Terézia Mora]

András Forgách [ Hungary ]

András Forgách, born in 1952, is one of the most influential figures in the Hungarian cultural world. The multi-award-winning, versatile author has written numerous plays, staged plays at various theaters, written screenplays for several films, and is a translator of literary works from English, French, and German. Since 2010 Forgách has been teaching at the Academy of Drama and Film. He illustrated »The Salt of the Earth« (2016) for Péter Nádas. András Forgách lives in Budapest.