Portrait Zethu Matebeni
© Jabu C. Pereira

Guest 2018.


Black lesbian sexualities and identity in South Africa
An ethnography of black lesbian urban life
Saarbrücken, 2012
Curated Reclaiming Afrikan
Queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities
Kapstadt, 2014
Queer in Africa
LGBTQI Identities, Citizenship, and Activism
[Mit Surya Monro u. Vasu Reddy]
London, 2018


Zethu Matebeni [ South Africa ]

born in 1978 in Port Elizabeth (South Africa), is a documentary filmmaker and sociologist researching at the Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) at the University of Cape Town. She was a visiting professor at Yale University and has received many grants, inter alia from the African Humanities Program, the Ford Foundation, the Fogarty International Centre, and the National Research Foundation. She writes about LGBTQ topics, HIV, and AIDS as well as photography and African cinema.