Portrait Noa K. Ha
© Noa K. Ha

Guest 2018.


Straßenhandel in Berlin
Öffentlicher Raum, Informalität und Rassismus in der neoliberalen Stadt
Bielefeld, 2016
Decolonize the City!
Zur Kolonialität der Stadt
Gespräche. Aushandlungen. Perspektiven
[Mit Zwischenraum Kollektiv]
Münster, 2017


Noa K. Ha [ Germany ]

born in 1974 in West Germany into an Indo-Dutch-German family, she has directed the Center for Integration Research at the TU Dresden since 2018. After training to be a gardener, she studied landscape planning at the TU Berlin and wrote her doctorate on informality and racism as exemplified by street vending in Berlin. She taught urban sociology and the sociology of space from a postcolonial, decolonizing and anti-racist perspective at the TU Berlin and the Humboldt-Universität.