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Los jardines secretos de Mogador


Mexiko, 2001

Los demonios de la lengua


Mexiko, 2008

Elogio del insomnio


Mexiko, 2011

Quinteto de Mogador


Madrid, 2014

Luz del colibrí


Mexiko, 2016

Alberto Ruy Sánchez [ Mexico ]

Alberto Ruy Sánchez was born in Mexico City in 1951, where he studied Communication Sciences at Iberoamericana University. He lived in Paris from 1975 to 1982, studying film, literature and philosophy under Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Rancière, and completed his doctorate in 1980. He has since worked as a writer, lecturer and publisher. From 1984 to 1986 he was the managing editor of Octavia Paz’s legendary magazine »Vuelta«. Since 1988 Ruy Sánchez has been the chief editor and founding publisher of the renowned magazine »Artes de México« and its publishing house.

In Ruy-Sánchez’s writings, several literary traditions are mixed with textual tools coming from artisans of the loom and the clay, the calligraphy and the storytelling in the world. He has published 25 books translated into French, Vietnamese, Serbian, Russian, English and Arabic, among other twelve languages. In 1987, his first novel »Los nombres del aire« (Eng. »Mogador: The Names of the Air«, 1992) received Mexico’s most important literary award, the Premio Xavier Villaurrutia. It has since attained cult status and is reprinted annually. After a long enquiry on Woman’s Desires, the book presents their voices in the form of a tale in a small and walled city where, historically, Jewish, Yoruba, Catholic and Islamic cultures got mixed: it is Mogador, now Essaouira, in the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. The enquiry and the narrative research continued in four other tales, »Los jardines secretos de Mogador« (2002; Eng. »The Secret Gardens of Mogador: Voices of the Earth«, 2009) and »Nueve veces el asombro« (2005; Eng. »Poetics of Wonder«, 2014) between them, forming now the experimental cycle »Mogador Quintet«.

For the poetry included in the prose of that cycle but also for his books »Decir es desear« (2011; tr. To say is to wish) and »Luz del colibrí« (2016; tr. Light of the colibri) he received the prestigious award from the Lugano Poetry Festival, Poestate. The French Literary Festival Lettres d’Automne 2010 was fully dedicated (in 20 days for their 20th anniversary) to celebrate Ruy-Sánchez’ work. France decorated him as Officiel des Arts et des Lettres and Kentucky as Honorary Captain of the ancient steamboat La belle de Louisville and Honorary citizen of Louisville. He received Life Achievement Awards in Mexico and abroad by Universities, Art Museums, Publishers and Booksellers Associations. He was Tinker Visiting Professor in Stanford and Chairman of the Creative Non-Fiction summer program at Banff Centre for the Arts, in Canada.