Portrait Angelika Fitz
(c) Pez Hejduk

Guest 2015.


Wann begann temporär?

Frühe Stadtinterventionen

und sanfte Stadterneuerung

[Mit Christiane Feuerstein]


Wien, 2009


Wünsche als Wirklichkeit /

Whishes Knocking on Reality’s Doors

[Hg. mit Martin Heller)

Berlin, 2010

Weltstadt – Who creates the city?

[Hg. mit Matthias Böttger]

München, 2014

Angelika Fitz [ Austria ]

Angelika Fitz is a curator for international cultural institutions. She realizes exhibitions on the roles of modern cities and platforms that serve as interfaces between art, research, and society, like the project »We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City«. A world-traveling lecturer, Fitz is currently a guest professor at the future.lab of the Vienna University of Technology. Her most recent publications include »Arbeitende Orte« (2012; tr. Working sites) and »Weltstadt. Who creates the city?« (2014).