Alexander García Düttmann
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2015.


Derrida und ich

Das Problem der Dekonstruktion


Bielefeld, 2008

Naive Kunst

Ein Versuch über das Glück


Berlin, 2012

Was weiß Kunst?

Für eine Ästhetik des Widerstands

Konstanz University Press

Konstanz, 2015

Alexander García Düttmann [ Spain, Germany ]

Alexander García Düttmann was born in Barcelona. He studied philosophy with Alfred Schmidt in Frankfurt and Jacques Derrida in Paris. He lived and taught in London for twenty years. Today he is Professor of Aesthetics at the University of the Arts in Berlin. His latest publications include: »Participation: Awareness of Semblance« (2011) and »What Does Art Know? For an Aesthetics of Resistance« (2015). His tribute to San Francisco »Naive Art« appeared in 2012.