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Die Moskauer Schönheit

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a. M., 1990

[Ü: Beate Rausch]

Der gute Stalin

Berlin Verlag

Berlin, 2004

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Russische Apokalypse

Berlin Verlag

Berlin, 2009

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Die Akimuden

Ein nichtmenschlicher Roman

Hanser Berlin

Berlin, 2013

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de profundis

In: Russland erzählt. E-Book-Bundle

eBook Berlin

Berlin, 2014

Viktor Jerofejew [ Russia ]

Victor Jerofeyev was born in 1947 in Moscow and completed his studies in philology and linguistics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1975 with a doctorate. He was thrown out of the author’s association of the USSR in 1979 for compiling the »Metropol« literary almanac. He has expressed criticism of contemporary Russia, among other things, in the 2005 essay collection »Russkij apokalipsis« (tr. The Russian Apocalypse, 2009). In addition to his work as an author, Erofeyev also regularly writes articles for international newspapers.