Portrait Ulrike Guérot
© Dominik Butzmann

Guest 2014, 2016, 2018.


Was denkt Deutschland zu Europa?

[Hg. mit Jacqueline Hénard]


Wiesbaden, 2011

Germany in Europe

A Blog Chronicle of the Euro-Crisis

Dictus Publishing

Saarbrücken, 2013

Warum Europa eine Republik werden muss!

Eine politische Utopie


Bonn, 2016

Ulrike Guérot [ Germany ]

studied politics, history and economics. She has worked with various European think tanks. In 2013, she founded the European Democracy Lab. The central idea of the Lab is to constitute Europa as Republic, based on the principle of political equality for all European citizens. Ulrike Guérot is further Head of the Department of European Policy and the Study of Democracy at Danube University Austria. Her latest book is »Why Europa needs to become a Republic. A political utopia«.