Portrait Shahin Najafi
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2014.


Wenn Gott schläftMein Leben, mein Land, der Iran, meine Songs und GedichteKiepenheuer & WitschKöln, 2013[Ü: M. H. Allafi]TramadolCD, 20131414CD, 2014

Shahin Najafi [ Iran, Germany ]

Shahin Najafi

born in 1980 in Bandar Anzali, studied sociology and is a poet and musician. After demands that his work be censored, he emigrated from Iran in 2005. In his work, he denounces the socio-metal problems and taboos and supports initiatives to promote human rights. In 2012, Najafi had a Fatwa imposed on him, following which a number of german and austrian artists expressed their solidarity with him. »Wenn Gott schläft« (2013; tr. When God sleeps) contains poetry, songs and autobiographical writings. Najafi lives in Cologne.