Matthieu Aikins Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2014.


The Master of Spin Boldak

In: Harper’s Magazine

Dezember 2009

Our Man in Kandahar

In: The Atlantic

November 2011

The A-Team Killings

In: Rolling Stone

November 2013

Matthieu Aikins [ Canada, Afghanistan ]

Matthieu Aikins has worked as an independent journalist reporting from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other locations for »Harper’s Magazine«, »Rolling Stone«, »The Atlantic«, »The Guardian«, »Newsweek«, »GQ« and »Wired«. He graduated from New York University with a Master’s in Near East studies. Aikins received the renowned George Polk Award (2013) for his investigative report »The A-Team Killings« which looked into murders of Afghan civilians by a special unit from the US. Matthieu Aikins is the Schell Fellow at the Nation Institute and he is currently writing a book about the Pakistani megacity of Karachi. He lives in Kabul.