Portrait Sepinwall
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Guest 2014.


Stop Being a Hater and Learn to Love the O.C.

Chamberlain Bros

New York, 2004

Die Revolution war im Fernsehen


Wiesbaden, 2014

[Ü: Tom Bresemann, Annette Kühn u. Christian Lux]


Alan Sepinwall [ USA ]

Alan Sepinwall, grew up in Pine Brook, New Jersey, and already penned his first TV reviews while a student. From 1996 he worked as a television columnist for the newspaper »The Star-Ledger«, before changing to the entertainment news website »HitFix« in 2010. In his books like »The Revolution was Televised« (2012) he deals with how the quality of television has developed among other things. Sepinwall lives in New York.