Katja Petrowskaja Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2013.


Die Kinder von Orljonok

In: »Odessa Transfer

Nachrichten vom Schwarzen Meer«


Frankfurt a. M., 2009

Vielleicht Esther


Berlin, 2014

Katja Petrowskaja [ Germany ]

born in Kiev in 1970. Katja Petrowskaja studied Literature in Tartu, Estonia. She obtained her PhD in Moscow. She wrote for the cultural pages of Russian newspapers and radio programmes, and is the author of the »FAS« column »The West Eastern Diva« today. She is a co-founder of the »Kiev Talks«, and won the Bachmann Award in 2013. Her first novel »Vielleicht Esther« (tr.: Perhaps Esther) will be published in March 2014. Katja Petrowskaja lives in Berlin.