Guest 2012.


Maries Reise
Rogner und Bernhard
Berlin, 2002

S. Fischer
Frankfurt a. M., 2012

Marie Pohl [ Germany ]

Marie Pohl was born in Hamburg in 1979. The daughter of dramatist Klaus Pohl and sister of the actress Lucie Pohl grew up in New York and worked as a scriptgirl and translator. She studied in Madrid and was employed as an assistant director and actress in Spain and Germany, e. g. for »Der Passagier« (tr.: The Passenger) by Thomas Brasch. For »Maries Reise« (2002; tr: Marie’s Journey) she visited global cities and painted a portrait of the »Marie’s generation«, and for »Geisterreisen« (2012; tr: Spiritual Journeys) she embarked on trips with a spiritual element. Marie Pohl lives in Berlin.