Guest 2012.


Ein Spaziergang war es nicht
Kindheiten zwischen Ost und West
[Hg. mit Susanne Schädlich]
München, 2012

Anna Schädlich [ Germany ]

Anna Schädlich was born in East Berlin in 1973. Together with her sister Susanne Schädlich and her parents she left the GDR in 1977, after her father, the writer Hans-Joachim Schädlich had been banned from working and forced to leave the country. She studied Art, Philosophy and German Language and Literature, and has since worked as a freelance curator. Her last project in this capacity has been the Artroom Leipzig in 2012. Anna Schädlich contributed a literary text to the anthology »Ein Spaziergang war es nicht. Kindheiten zwischen Ost und West« (2012; tr.: It was not easy. Childhood between East and West), which she published with her sister in the same year.