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Ukrainian Nationalists Organization attitude to Jews

Making mind in times of catastrophe

Lviv, 2006

Ukrainian Insurgent Army

History of Unconquered

Center for Research of Liberation Movement,

Ukrainian National Memory Institute

Lviv, 2007

Who strives for »reconsideration« of history and with what aim

In: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, No 12 (691), 2008

Wolodymyr Wjatrowytsch [ Ukraine ]

born in the Ukrainian city of Lviv in 1977, is a doctor of History and wrote about the crimes of Stalinism in the Ukraine. Between 2008 and March 2010, he was head of the SBU Archive (Ukrainian Secret Service) – during the time when the former President Yushchenko decided to make parts of the KGB archives accessible to the public. After the election of Viktor Yanukovych, Vyatrovych was removed from his position.