Guest 2010.


Tablou de familie
[Mit M. Ignat, S. Gherguţ, R. Rădulescu, S. Cârstean und C. Paul-Bădescu]
Ed. Leka-Brîncus
Bukarest, 1995

Darul lui Mos Crăciun
Ed. Humanitas
Bukarest, 2003

Merz & Solitude
Stuttgart, 2004
[Ü: Eva R. Wemme]

Cum mi-am pretrecut vacanta de vara
Ed. Polirom
Bukarest, 2004

T.O. Bobe [ Romania ]

was born in Constanţa, Romania in 1960. After studying Literature and Classical Philology, he worked as a dramatist and writer for film and television. He also belonged to the Mircea Cărtărescu literary club. His lyrical, artful and often tragicomic prose makes Bobe one of the strongest and most significant voices in contemporary Romanian literature. He has received numerous prizes and grants and is currently working on a new book. T. O. Bobe lives in Bucharest.