Guest 2010.


Der Horizont hängt schief

Anthologie des 22. Treffens Junger Autoren

edition lit.europe

Berlin, 2008


Literatur Labor Wolfenbüttel 2009


Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel

Wolfenbüttel, 2009

David Holdowanski [ Germany ]

born in Heidelberg in 1991, he was a prize winner at the 2007 Meeting of Young Authors. He has received a scholarship from the Foundation of Lower Saxony and took part in the State Academy for Cultural Education's »Literaturlabor« in 2009. His texts have been published in the »Theatertreffens der Jugend« festival newsletter, on the internet as well as in numerous anthologies including »Der Horizont hängt schief« (tr: The Horizon is Hanging Slanted) and »Destillate«. After passing his school exams he is now doing a work placement at a german film distribution in Stuttgart.