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So lebe ich jetzt
Hamburg, 2005
[Ü: Brigitte Jakobeit]

Meet Wild Boars
Puffin Books
London, 2006

Was wäre wenn
Hamburg, 2007
[Ü: Brigitte Jakobeit]

What I Was
Penguin Books
London, 2008

Jumpy Jack & Googily
Henry Holt & Company
New York, 2008

Wild Boars Cook
Henry Holt & Company
New York, 2008

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Meg Rosoff [ United Kingdom, USA ]

Her works read »like Samuel Beckett on ecstasy«, »The Times« wrote on Meg Rosoff’s novels, which have set a new standard in literature for young adults. Born in Boston in 1956, Rosoff first decided to realise her dream and write a novel after her younger sister had died of cancer. She first studied art and English literature at Harvard as well as a year of sculpture at St. Martin’s Art College, London, and went on to work in publishing and advertising, in New York and London, where she has lived since 1989. In 2004 she published her prize-winning first novel, »How I Live Now«, which remained in the bestseller list for adult fiction in Britain for a long time. Relentless and funny, with great intensity and breathless punctuation Meg Rosoff creates a menacingly murky portrait of a topsy-turvy world and tells of the power of unconditional love. The fourteen year-old narrator, Daisy, is sent away from New York to live with her eccentric relatives in the English countryside, where she meets her true love. When London explodes with bombs and an inexplicable civil war breaks out, the perfect idyll that Daisy, Edmond, Isaac, Osbert and Piper have enjoyed is abruptly shattered and a traumatic odyssey begins. »A crunchily perfect knock-out of a début novel […] Honest, shameless, funny, desperate, sexy and without a single false note«, is how »The Guardian« described Rosoff’s remarkable voice. A keen observer of the emotions and thoughts of adolescents she captivates her readers through the powerful settings in her works. She handles her characters with goodwill and places deep trust in them. Delicate portraits emerge, telling the »drama of the transition to adulthood and the search for [one’s own] identity« (»Die Zeit«). Teenagers »are experiencing a lot of stuff that adults experience, but in a much more raw way«, said Rosoff. »It’s that extremity I’m interested in.« In her book for adolescents, »Just in case« (2006), David, who saves his brother just before he falls out of a window and is left grappling with fate, is yet another complex character who comes under Rosoff’s lens. Her story is complex in its construction which blurs the boundary between imagination and reality with far-reaching consequences. The author fine-tunes »play with identities, ego-obsessed revolving around the own ›I‹ with philosophically muddled, playful humour and a youthful mega-drive in a crazy novel about adolescence«, said the jury when nominating the author for the German Youth Literature Prize, 2008.

Rosoff’s latest coming-of-age novel, »What I Was« (2007), is set in England in the sixties. The author has been awarded many prizes for her work published in the U.S. and Europe, including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award (2004), the Michael L. Printz Award (2005) and the the coveted Carnegie Medal (2006). Meg Rosoff is married and has one daughter.

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