Guest 2008.


The Piano Player’s Hands
In: Richard & Judy’s Winning Stories
Chrysalis Children’s
London, 2003

The Babysitter
In: Urban Welsh Anthology
Cardigan, 2005

The Long Dry
Cardigan, 2006

Übersetzerin: Christiane Wagler

Cynan Jones [ United Kingdom ]

Cynan Jones was born in in 1975. He worked as a teacher and also as a labourer on farms and building sites before devoting himself full-time to writing, but he also works in the wine industry. His first novel, »The Long Dry«, was published in 2006. It tells the story of Farmer Gareth, who, on a search for a pregnant cow, begins to deal with his own family background and his marriage. The author portrays the emotional isolation of people living in the countryside, who live a rough daily existence and are subjected to rapid changes in their living conditions. Jones' first novel received the Society of Authors Award in 2007. Jones, also writes children's books. He lives on a farm close to the town of Aberaeron and is currently working on a new novel.

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