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Guest 2020.



Edition Moderne

Zürich, 2019


Sheree Domingo [ Germany ]

Sheree Domingo was born in Böblingen in 1989. She studied visual communication at the Art University Kassel and at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Her project »Wie im Paradies« (Eng. »Just Like In Paradise«), which she later developed into her 2019 debut »Ferngespräch« (tr: Long Distance Talk), earned her a spot as a finalist for the comic book prize of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation in 2016.

In her first graphic novel, Domingo tells a partly autobiographical story about nursing care and labor migration. The story centers on the resident of a retirement home, her caretaker and the caretaker’s daughter. After an old lady talks to her recently deceased husband, her caretaker dreams of going far away – to the Philippines, to be with her dying mother. But her daughter wants to spend her summer vacation somewhere else. In his reasoning for selecting the piece for the 2016 Comic Book Prize, Andreas Platthaus stated that »The interrelated conflicts of interest in this triangle of characters are supported by a deliberately open visual representation that knows how to master colors and shapes.«

Sheree Domingo lives in Berlin as a comic artist, illustrator, and »visual problem solver«.