Jutta Ferbers
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Weltkomödie Österreich

13 Jahre Burgtheater 1986 bis 1999

Paul Zsolnay

Wien, 1999

Claus Peymann

Mord und Totschlag

Theater | Leben

Alexander Verlag

Berlin, 2016

Jutta Ferbers [ Germany ]

born in Cologne in 1957, is a dramaturge. She studied theatre, education, and literature in Munich. Initial engagements in Landshut in 1982, one year later in Bochum. Moved to the Burgtheater Vienna under the direction of Claus Peymann in 1986. Member of the directorate and director at the Berliner Ensemble from 1999 to 2017. Directors with whom she has frequently worked: Ruth Berghaus, Peter Zadek, George Tabori, Robert Wilson, and Claus Peymann. She collaborated closely with Thomas Brasch on Peymann’s »Richard III« and »Richard II«.