The annual volume of short stories by the participants of ʻScritture Giovani‘ for 2015, titled »Home«, has been published.

Four young authors from four different countries write about »Home«.  They fill the empty house embroidered on the book cover of the volume with stories about a grandmother who doesn’t want to die because she feels at home on her sparse farm and in her bony unfeeling body (Valerie Fritsch: The First Death I Saw from Inside); with birds, flying away and searching for their place of nostalgia or on their way to freedom? (Llŷr Gwyn Lewis: Birds / Adar); with cockroaches, which transform a home into a black hole (Marco Parlato: Ginevra at last) and with a story about suicide, birth, abortion and death, set frighteningly near to each other (Elske Rahill – Cords).


The four young storytellers are from Graz, Caernarfon in Wales, Rome and Dublin; they write in German, English and Italian. This year, all of them will read as part of the Scritture Giovani project at three big international literature festivals: at the Festivaletteratura in Mantua in May, at the Hay Festival in September and at the international literature festival berlin (September 15 at 9:00 pm in the Upper Foyer at the Berliner Festspiele).


Scritture Giovani is a project conceptualized by Festivaletteratura in 2002 to promote young European writers. It started with the support of the European Union’s Cultural Programme and has continued with increasing success. Scritture Giovani involves several of Europe’s major literary festivals – Festivaletteratura, Hay Festival (United Kingdom) and international literature festival berlin (Germany).

The authors in the past years were chosen under the criteria of age (under 32), the first publication of a short story written specifically for the project, the first translation of their work (into the languages of the three festivals: Italian, English and German) and the participation of the authors at events at the three festivals.

Many of the authors who have participated in the Scritture Giovani project in the past are now internationally renowned. This year we are happy to welcome among others Clemens Setz, the German speaking participant from 2010, with the premiere of his new book (September 8 at 7:30 pm on the Side Stage at the Berliner Festspiele).

The short stories, information about the Scritture Giovani authors and other news will be published on the website:

40 short stories from the last 13 years by authors from around the world.

The volumes of the years 2002-2014 you can find here.