ilb Voices Vol. 1: Video interviews with Baltscheit, Dubosarsky, Klassen, Ness and Vanistendael are now online

Martin Baltscheit (© Sebastian Hoppe) / Ursula Dubosarsky (© Vicki Skarrat) / Jon Klassen (© Autumn Le´Brannon) / Patrick Ness (© Debbie Smith) / Judith Vanistendael (© Marco Antonio Fuentes)


ilb Voices is the new video interview format of the international literature festival berlin, a forum for international authors and illustrators of literature for young readers. The interviewed authors speak about their self-concept as artists, aesthetic issues pertaining to their work and about the kind of literature that young readers today need. ilb Voices is interested in the content and the aesthetic in literature for young readers and gives the authors and illustrators a voice outside of the pedagogical context.

Martin Baltscheit (Germany), Ursula Dubosarsky (Australia), Jon Klassen (Canada / USA), Patrick Ness (USA / United Kingdom) und Judith Vanistendael (Belgium) are part of ilb Voices Vol. 1. These authors and illustrators were guests at the 14th international literature festival berlin in September 2014 and were interviewed during this time. The interviews are available on our YouTube channel as well as on the ilb-Website.

ilb Voices will resume in September 2015 at the 15th international literature festival berlin.




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