Verena Auffermann, Gunhild Küber, Ursula März and Elke Schmitter are all respected and well-known reviewers and have expressed their fondness for literature by women with a common canon. They have devoted themselves to 99 female authors from 2500 years of cultural history and shown that those authors have been crucial in shaping to shape world literature.
Verena Auffermann (Germany), born 1944 in Höxter, has mainly made her name as a critic and writes reviews for the »Frankfurter Rundschau«, »Die ZEIT« and the »Süddeutsche Zeitung«.
Ursula März (Germany), was born 1957 in Middle Franconia. In addition to innumerable literary reviews, she published a biographical essay in 1999 on the photographer Ré Soupault under the title »Du lebst wie im Hotel« (tr: You're living like you're in a hotel).
Elke Schmitter (Germany), born 1961 in Krefeld, has been working since 2001 as a freelance journalist for Der Spiegel. Her début novel »Frau Sartoris« (2000; »Mrs. Sartoris,« 2004) was followed in 2002 by »Leichte Verfehlungen« (tr: Light offences) and in 2006 by »Veras Tochter« (tr: Vera's daughter).