Since 2002, the ilb has published the annual “Scritture Giovani” volume. The short stories in the book adhere to the year’s respective themes, and are presented by their young authors at the festivals of Hay (Wales), Mantova (I) and Berlin. This year’s participants include: Eurig Salisbury, who, at the age of 13, taught himself the traditional Welsh poetic format Cynghanedd and published his first anthology of poetry, “Llyfr Glas Eurig” (“Eurig’s Blue Book”). Antonia Baum studied Literary Sciences and History, and has published short stories and a novel: “Vollkommen leblos, bestenfalls tot” (“Completely lifeless, dead at best”). Francesca Sconti comes from Milan, where she studied Law and Music. Her collection of short stories “Qualcosa di simile” (“Something similar”) received the Premio Renato Fucini in 2011. Andrea Lundgren, more or less on accident, enrolled with the Academy for Creative Writing in Stockholm after finishing school. Her first novel appeared in 2010. Since then, she has been travelling and exploring South America, sponsored by a scholarship granted by the Swedish Writers’ Association.