Scritture Giovani works with young European literary talents in order to bring them to a wider audience. For 2011, four young authors have been selected who write in various languages.
Susanne Heinrich (Germany) studied at the German Literary Institute in Leipzig, published short stories and novels and has already won several prizes (she participated for example in 2005 in the Ingeborg-Bachmann competition). She is also the lead singer of the band »watching me fall«.
Anna Lewis (Great Britain) studied Archaeology. In 2010 she won the »Harper's Bazaar« Orange short story competition. She has also received numerous awards for her poetry. Her poems have been published in diverse British and Irish journals. She is currently working on her first collection of poems.
Kallia Papadaki (Greece) studied Economics in the USA. Following the publication of a collection of short stories, which was enthusiastically received by the critics, she published her poems and stories in journals and anthologies. She also writes screenplays for films.
Paolo Piccirillo (Italy) attended a research study course in »Scriptwriting Television/RAI«, and published his first novel at the same time. He was included in the list of the best Italian writers »under 40« in the newspaper »Il sole 24 ore«.
In cooperation with the National Book Centre of Greece.