In the festival section »Specials« we will present a literary genre that doesn't often receive much attention. Graphic novels have a greater affinity in their form and content to novels than they do to traditional comics. Whereas comics are normally published as »strips« in newspapers or in comic book formats, graphic novels are usually bound like books. In addition, they often strive for a greater literary weight in their choice of themes and the complexity of their narratives. Under the banner »European Graphic Novels« we will present outstanding examples of this genre – with graphic novel artists from all over Europe.
Tomasz Leśniak, together with the writer Rafał Skarżycki, created the most famous Polish comic hero: Jeż Jerzy (George the Hedgehog). Their satirical graphic novels are based on Polish reality and pop culture.
Kalle Hakkola (Finland) is director of the Helsinki Comics Center, founded in 2008. On the occasion of the centennial celebration of Finnish comics, he will provide insight into the Finnish graphic novels scene on Graphic Novel Day.
Alexandru Ciubotariu, is a graphic designer and has created several sets of postage stamps for Romfilatelia. He is studying the history of Romanian comics.
Alecos Papadatos (Greece) has worked since 1986 as a comic artist and director of animated films. He illustrated the graphic novel »Logicomix«, about the renowned mathematician, logician and philosopher Bertrand Russell, who had dreamed since childhood of creating a logical foundation for mathematics in its entirety. The book presents the basicis of his thinking and describes his search for truth.
This event will be held in English.
In co-operation with EUNIC.