Nadja Ofuatey-Alazard  [ Germany ]


Guest 2018.


Wie Rassismus aus Wörtern spricht
(K)Erben des Kolonialismus im Wissensarchiv deutsche Sprache
[Mit Susan Arndt]
Münster, 2011
AfroFictional In[ter]ventions
Revisiting the BIGSAS Festival of African(-Diasporic) Literatures 2011–2013
[ Susan Arndt]
edition assemblage
Münster, 2014

born in the Black Forest, studied journalism in Munich and film in New York and is currently working on her PhD at the Universität Bayreuth. She is co-founder and co-director of the Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures at the Universität Bayreuth. Since 2017 she has been working as project leader and co-CEO for Each One Teach One (EOTO) e. V. in Berlin where she accounts for the Literature- and Arts Festival AFROLUTION and the Network Black Perspectives in Teaching and Research (NSP).