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Portrait Rafael Cardoso
(c) Patricia Breves

Guest 2013.


Bibliographie Rafael Cardoso

A Maneira Negra


Rio de Janeiro, 2000

Controle Remoto


Rio de Janeiro, 2002

Design para um mundo complexo


São Paulo, 2012

Sechzehn Frauen. Geschichten aus Rio

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a.M., 2013

[Ü: Peter Kultzen]

Rafael Cardoso was born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro. He grew up in the United States and obtained a doctorate in art history at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art. In addition to working as a curator, he has taught as a professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. He has published numerous books, mainly on the history art and design in Brazil, among these »Art and the Academy in the Nineteenth Century« (2000), »Uma introdução à história do design« (2008; tr. An Introduction to Design History), »A arte brasileira em 25 quadros (1790–1930)« (2008; tr. Brazilian Art in 25 Pictures) as well as an »Impresso no Brasil« (2009; tr. Printed in Brazil), a richly illustrated volume highlighting the graphic arts collection of Brazil’s National Library, and, most recently, »Design para um mundo complexo« (2012; tr. Design for a Complex World).

In parallel, Cardoso also writes literary texts. His debut was »A maneira negra« (2000; tr. Mezzotint), consisting of the novella from which the title of the book is derived as well as the short story »Blecaute« (tr. Blackout). Both texts evoke a dark image of Rio de Janeiro, dominated by nighttime scenes, personal losses and urban decadence – a contemporary, literary equivalent to the melancholy of the film noir. This was followed by the novel »Controle remoto« (2002; tr. Remote Control), in which the murder of a television presenter in a crime of passion sets off a chain of events that changes the lives of a family. Cadoso creates a collage of texts of various types – letters, diaries, newspaper clippings – in which the limits between reality and fiction are gradually blurred, calling into question the influence of the media on private life in the age of celebrity. »Entre as mulheres« (2007; tr. »Among Women«), a novel composed of short stories, is a polyphonic portrait of very different women and at the same time a panorama of Rio de Janeiro. Cardoso focuses on the dreams and passions of his female characters and it becomes apparent that empathy is the underlying prerequisite for his narrative. While the episodes meander through the entire metropolis, from the city centre to the suburbs, from the favelas to Copacabana beach, the experiences of the characters are nevertheless deftly interlinked. Cardoso is now working on a book about his family’s flight from Berlin in the thirties and their subsequent escape to France and Brazil. In it, he deals in particular with his great-grandfather, the politician, banker and art collector Hugo Simon who went into exile in 1933. Cardoso will also be a guest of honour at the Frankfurter Book Fair which this year is focusing on Brazil. He currently lives in Berlin.

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