Chrigel Farner  [ Switzerland ]


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(c) Elodie Wolf

Guest 2013.


Leben und Zeit des Michael K.


München, 1986

[Ü: Wulf Teichmann]


S. Fischer

Frankfurt a.~M., 2000

[Ü: Reinhild Böhnke]

Elizabeth Costello

Acht Lehrstücke

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a.~M., 2004

[Ü: Reinhild Böhnke]

Tagebuch eines schlimmen Jahres

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a.~M., 2008

[Ü: Reinhild Böhnke]

Die Kindheit Jesu

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a.~M., 2013

[Ü: Reinhild Böhnke]

born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) in 1972, and lives and works as an illustrator, comic artist and painter in Berlin. From 1989 he studied to become a scientific illustrator at HfG Zurich. In 1993 he published the comic album »Fliegenpilz« (tr. Deadly Toadstool), which tells the worrisome life of Harry, the family man, and his escape from a petit bourgeois everyday life. He has produced various comics and illustrations for »Strapazin«, »Das Magazin«, and »Le Monde diplomatique«.