Susanne Schädlich  [ Germany ]


Guest 2012.


Nirgendwoher, irgendwohin
Leipzig, 2007

Westwärts, so weit es nur geht
Eine Landsuche
München, 2011

Ein Spaziergang war es nicht
Kindheiten zwischen Ost und West
[Hg. mit Anna Schädlich]
München, 2012

Susanne Schädlich was born in Jena in 1965 and is a writer and translator. She left the GDR with her parents and her sister Anna in 1977, and moved to the USA in 1987. She has lived in Berlin, since she returned to Germany in 1999. In 2009 Susanne Schädlich published the bestseller »Immer wieder Dezember. Der Westen, die Stasi, der Onkel und ich« (2010; tr.: December again. The West, the Stasi, my uncle and me). Her most recent project is the anthology »Ein Spaziergang war es nicht. Kindheiten zwischen Ost und West« (2012; tr.: It was not easy. A childhood between East and West), which she published together with her sister.


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