Jasna Koteska  [ Macedonia ]


Guest 2010.


Komunistička intima


Skopje, 2008


In: N\osztalgia − Ways of Revisiting the Socialist Past

Berlin, 2007

Extension of the Subject

In: Gender and Identity

Theories from Southeastern Europe

Belgrade Women's Studies and Gender Research Center

Belgrade, 2006

born in Skopje in 1970, studied literature in Macedonia and Gender Studies in Budapest. Today she works as a lecturer at the University and Centre for Woman's Studies in Skopje. In her book »Komunistička intim« (tr: Communist Intimacy), which was highly successful in Macedonia, she examines the persecution of intellectuals by Tito's secret police. Koteska's father, the author Jovan Koteski, was a victim of just that until the late eighties. Koteska lives in Skopje.

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