10.ilb - 15.09 bis 26.10.10 - Focus Osteuropa
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Tanja Barbian

Tanja Barbian received her degree as interpreter from the University of Mainz-Germersheim and is a member of »AIIC«, the largest international association of interpreters. The thirty-six year-old has been working as an interpreter for the past eight years.

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Marcus J. Grauer

Marcus J. Grauer is a freelance conference interpreter (VKD and AIIC) for English and lives in Berlin. After a short period working as staff interpreter for the Ministry of the Interior he opted to go freelance in 2002. His clients today, apart from the Federal Ministry and various embassies, include international corporations, NGOs and nonprofit foundations. His topics are as far-reaching as economic and international politics to music, film and literature, to technical matters and academia.

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Carola Dinklage

Carola Dinklage-Görsdorf has a degree in interpretation and has been a conference interpreter and translator for the past fifteen years. She studied in Heidelberg, Milan and Berlin and for over ten years lived in Italy, where she specialised in art history and Architecture. She is a member of the association of interpreters VKD and works with the languages German, English, French and Italian.

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Gabrijela Leovic

Gabrijela Leovic grew up bilingual (German, Croatian) and is a freelance conference interpreter (VKD-BDÜ) for German, English and Spanish. After several years of coordinating international projects for political and cultural foundations in London and across Latin America, “all roads led to Berlin”. Mainly interpreting in political conferences, dialogues and contexts (focusing on international affairs, education, development cooperation, climate change, etc.) she also regularly engages in cultural events.

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Lilian-Astrid Geese

Lilian Astrid-Geese works as an interpreter for conferences (AIIC) in English, French and Spanish, translates and also writes literary reviews. She specialised in literature, art, culture, theatre and design and has worked for many years for international cultural institutions such as the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Literarisches Colloquium, documenta, kunstwerke, HAU and ITI. She is also an interpreter consultant for the ilb.

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Günther Orth

Günther Orth, who hails from Franconia, began his studies in Arabic in 1983. Grants led him to Egypt and Syria, and he later completed his degree in translation in Leipzig. He has written on modern narrative literature from Syria and Yemen, where he lived for a long time, as well as corresponding publications and translations. Orth currently works as an official inspector, translator and conference interpreter in Berlin.

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Silvia Schreiber

Silvia Schreiber has a diploma as translator and interpreter for German, English and Russian, and has worked for many years as a freelance conference interpreter. Among her specialties are film and media (Forum of Young Film, Jewish Film Festival) as well as conferences for the Berlin House of World Cultures, the Academy of Arts and the Centre for Literary Research. She has collaborated with the international literature festival berlin since 2005.

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Vincent von Wroblewsky

Vincent von Wroblewsky studied philosophy and romance languages and literature. Since 1991, he has been editor and translator of the work of Jean-Paul Sartre (published by Rowohlt), and is also president of the Jean-Paul Sartre Society in Germany and coeditor of the society's annual publication. He has published numerous essays, among them in »Les Temps Modernes«, »Magazine littéraire« as well as in anthologies of »Existentialismus heute«. Vincent von Wroblewsky lives in Berlin and has worked as a simultaneous interpreter since the sixties.

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Martina Würzburg

Martina Würzburg studied to become a conference interpreter and translator for five years in Moscow. After student residencies in Great Britain, Ireland and California she worked as an interpreter and translator for German-Russian-German, English-Russian and English-German. Martina Würzburg is a member of AIIC and lives in Berlin.

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