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Rasha Habbal  [ Syria, Germany ]


Portrait Habbal
Copyright Habbal / C. Muneer Alnahas

Guest 2017.

born in 1982 in Hama, Syria, is primarily known for her poetry. She participated in the 2014 anthology »Lebensgesang syrischer kulturschaffender Frauen: Gegen das Dröhnen der Kugeln« (tr. The song of creative syrian women: In the face of the bullets’ roar) edited by Ishraga Mustafa Hamid at the University of Hamburg. Her poetry collection »Wenig von dir~... Viel vom Salz« (tr. Not much from you~... A lot from salt) was published in Arabic in 2014. In 2017, one of her texts was published in German in the volume »Ohne Worte~– Mit anderen Worten« (tr. No words – In other words). She currently resides in Trier.

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