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Krystyna Dabrowska  [ Poland ]


Portrait Dabrowska
© Maciej Grzybowski

Guest 2016.


Biuro podróży

Zielona Sowa

Warschau, 2006

Białe krzesła


Poznań, 2012

Czas i przesłona

Wydawnictwo Znak

Krakau, 2014

born in 1979, is a Polish lyricist and translator. She studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and made her debut with a volume of poetry titled »Biuro podróży« (tr. Travel agency). Six years later she published a second book of poems, »Białe krzesła« (tr. White chairs), for which she received the Wisława Szymborska Prize and the Kościelski Award. Dąbrowska was a guest of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (lcb) in 2015.

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