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[Abgesagt] Caco Barcellos  [ Brasil ]


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Guest 2011.


Mord in São Paulo
Den Todesschwadronen auf der Spur
Göttingen, 1994
[Ü: Sabine Müller-Nordhoff]

Caco Barcellos born in 1950 in Porto Alegre, received the most prestigious literature award of Brazil as well as numerous human rights awards for his books on violence and social injustice. He became known through »Rota 66« an extensive investigation of police brutality. »Abusado« (tr. Abused), a report in the form of a novel, deals with the drug trade in the poorest neighbourhoods of Rio. Currently, Barcellos is working for the largest Brazilian TV station Rede Globo as a reporter. He lives in Rio de Janeiro.

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