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Gerald Uhlig-Romero  [ Germany ]


Gerald Uhlig-Romero Portrait
©:Björn Kommerell

Guest 2004, 2005, 2009, 2012.


Das Café Einstein Unter den Linden
Berlin, 2001

Und trotzdem lebe ich
Mein Kampf mit einer rätselhaften Krankheit
München, 2009

Berlin 2011


Gerald Uhlig was born in Heidelberg in 1953, worked after his studies of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna as a director and actor at several German-speaking theatres and staged three muscials about Otto Dix, Pablo Picasso and George Grosz.  With Yoko Ono he staged the German premiere of 'New York Story'. In 1996 he founded the 'Café Einstein Unter den Linden', including a gallery.  He lives in Berlin with his Argentinean partner Mara Romero and their daughter Geraldine.

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