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Etgar Keret  [ Israel ]


Etgar Keret Portrait
© Ali Ghandtschi

Guest 2003, 2012, 2016.


Pizzeria Kamikaze
München, 2000
[Ü: Barbara Linner]

Der Busfahrer der Gott sein wollte
München, 2001
[Ü: Barbara Linner]

Alles Gaza
München, 2006
[Ü: Barbara Linner, Verena Kilchling]

Plötzlich klopft es an der Tür
S. Fischer
Frankfurt a. M., 2012
[Ü: Barbara Linner]

Eine mondlose Nacht

Fischer KJB

Frankfurt a. M., 2014

[Ü: Barbara Linner]

Die sieben guten Jahre: Mein Leben als Vater und Sohn

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a. M., 2016

[Ü: Daniel Kehlmann]

born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, is one of the most famous Israeli authors and scriptwriters of his generation. »Jellyfish«, which he co-directed with his wife, Shira Geffen, won the Camera d’Or for Best Debut in 2007. His latest work, »Seven Good Years«, is a memoir in which he reflects upon his role as a son and father against the backdrop of everyday life in Israel.


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