NSA Scandal: Juli Zeh and two dozen authors take 65,000 signatures to the Chancellery

Writers Show Their Faces


On 18th September two dozen authors will give a representative of the German government the signatures of 65,000 supporters of the open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel (the petition can be found at www.change.org/nsa). With this action, the authors demand an immediate and fitting response to the NSA scandal.


This is the first joint-political action by German writers in a long time. Those taking part include Juli Zeh, Moritz Rinke, Julia Franck, Ulrike Draesner, Michael Kumpfmüller, Inka Parei, Nora Bossong und Kristof Magnusson.


Berlin, September 10th 2013, 5 days before the General Election, a group of well known authors supported by 65,000 German citizens demand decisive government action in the NSA scandal.


The action was inspired by an open letter written by the author Juli Zeh, who is also a law graduate. It was co-signed by 60 further authors and published at the end of July on Change.org and in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. In the letter Juli Zeh calls for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to protect people in Germany against spying by foreign agencies.


“Data protection is to the communication era what environmental protection was - and is - to industrialization,” Juli Zeh says. “It’s high time the government understood this.”


Since the publication of the open letter in July, the Chancellor has failed to provide assistance in clarifying allegations made by whistle-blower Edward Snowden - and failed also to provide German citizens with adequate information on the issue. “The strategic playing down of the affair by the government is unacceptable,” says Eva Menasse, one of the protest initiators.


“March On the Chancellery” is the first public joint-political statement by authors for a while.


Date and time: 18 September 2013, afternoon. Full details of the meeting point and route will be released shortly before the action.


Possible press images:


-         Authors will build a tower of 30 boxes containing the 65,000 signatures.

-         Authors will walk with the 30 boxes to the Federal Press Office at Dorotheenstr. 84

-         Handing over of signatures to the deputy spokesperson of the government, Sabine Heimbach, in the foyer of the Federal Press Office at Dorotheenstr. 84


Participating authors are happy to give interviews both during and after the event. Advance notice of interview requests would be appreciated.


The Petition: www.change.org/nsa


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