Liao Yiwu and Omar Akbar: World of cities – Cities of the world. Urban realities

Sep 08, 2011 04:30 pm
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Upper Foyer
Price 6 Euro / reduced 5 / pupils 4
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The city Chong Qing, situated deep in China's inland, is striving to develop a cityscape similar to that of Hong Kong, with hundreds of skyscrapers. Other cities have already completed this transition or are in the process. Renowned international architects are participating in the Chinese construction boom and are stoically ignoring existing political and social conditions. At the same time it's well known that social divisions, poverty and unemployment are just as much a part of the modern Chinese city as is the enormous luxury. Despite state controls, the megacities have lost their clear structures and now consist of a conglomeration of constructed spatial structures connected by a complex transport system, and each of which characterised by its own natural conditions. New and different urban atmospheres are appearing which are independent of existing city-typical conditions, and which are searching for their own creative or even subversive courses. Liao Yiwu and Omar Akbar discuss the meaning and potential of this urban opposition in the context of the transformation of Chinese cities.

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